Adele estrena videoclip de su canción "I Drink Wine" (Video Oficial)

La cantante Adele ha estrenado el videoclip de su canción "I Drink Wine" como una forma de retomar la promoción de su último disco "30". La canción es una de las más escuchadas en Spotify y sin duda los fans esperaban el estreno del video que fue grabado incluso antes de su éxito "Easy on Me" pero que recién es compartido en las plataformas del artista.

How can one become so bounded by choices that somebody else makes?
How come we’ve both become a version of a person we don’t even like?
We’re in love with the world but the world just wants to bring us down
By putting ideas in our heads that corrupt our hearts somehow
When I was a child every single thing could blow my mind
Soaking it all up for fun but now I only soak up wine
They say to play hard you work hard find balance in the sacrifice
Yet I don’t know anybody who’s truly satisfied

You better believe I’m trying to keep climbing
But the higher we climb feels like we’re both none the wiser

So I hope I learn to get over myself
Stop trying to be somebody else
So we can love each other for free
Everybody wants something, you just want me

Why am I obsessing about the things I can’t control?
Why am I seeking approval from people I don’t even know?
In these crazy times I hope to find something I can cling on to
Cause I need some substance in my life
Something real, something that feels true

You better believe for you I’ve cried high tides
Cause I want you so bad but you can’t fight fire with fire

Listen I know how low I can go
I give as good as I get
You get the brunt of it all cause you’re all I’ve got left
Oh I hope in time we both will find peace of mind
Sometimes the road less travelled is a road best left behind

Hola Soy DanNy. Comparto 'música' y 'videos' de estreno en este blog ;)
- Conozco muchos secretos de los humanos y estoy convencido que merecen ser destruidos junto con este planeta.

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